Dream At The Peony Pavilion [2 Aug, Friday]


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    • Category 1 - $50.00
    • Category 2 - $30.00
    • Category 3 - $20.00
    • Category 4 - $10.00
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  • 20% discount for Senior Citizens and Students
  • Seating will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • This event will be accompanied by English and Chinese subtitles.
  • For any enquiries on this event, please feel free to contact us via email at ctc@botempus.com

This full-length opera tells the romance between Du Li Niang, daughter of the Prime Minister and a scholar Liu Meng Mei whom she met in her dream whilst falling asleep at the pavilion in her garden. Shortly after, Du died; but was later revived by Liu following her appearance as a spirit to him. A series of complexities ensued ending finally with the Emperor's intervention reuniting the couple.

A household story with Chinese Opera enthusiasts, this romantic story originated from an opera script written by the famous Chinese playwright Tang Xian Zhu (AD 1550 - 1616), a contemporary of William Shakeseare in the west. This current presentation is based on the script written by the renowned Hong Kong playwright the late Tang Di Sheng. The opera features See Too Hoi Siang, winner of two prestigious cultural awards, one local and one international, assuming the lead role as Du Li Niang, and Frances Wong Kum Yeng, the lead actor as Liu Meng Mei, with a cluster of See Too's opera students participating as the supporting cast.

For all the three performances presented by Chinese Theatre Circle Ltd (CTC), CTC will collaborate with the China Guangzhou Hong Dou Cantonese Opera Troupe and Kreta Ayer Community Club Cantonese Opera Group. All three performances will be accompanied by Chinese and English subtitles.

Tickets are priced at $50, $30, $20, & $10 for performances are available online through ticketing agent Botempus and Chinese Opera Teahouse at 5 Smith Street in Chinatown. Senior citizens, students and members of PAssion Card are entitled to 20% discount.

Fri Aug 2, 2019
7:15 PM - 10:15 PM SGT
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Cat 1 Standard & PAssion Card Discount (incl. handling fee) $52.00
Cat 1 Senior Citizen (incl. handling fee) $42.00
Cat 1 Student (incl. handling fee) $42.00
Cat 2 Standard & PAssion Card Discount (incl. handling fee) $32.00
Cat 2 Senior Citizen (incl. handling fee) $26.00
Cat 2 Student (incl. handling fee) $26.00
Cat 3 Standard & PAssion Card Discount (incl. handling fee) $21.00
Cat 3 Senior Citizen (incl. handling fee) $17.00
Cat 3 Student (incl. handling fee) $17.00
Cat 4 Standard & PAssion Card Discount (incl. handling fee) $11.00
Cat 4 Senior Citizen (incl. handling fee) $9.00
Cat 4 Student (incl. handling fee) $9.00
Venue Address
#03-01 National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore Singapore
Chinese Theatre Circle